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Hi, I Am Sandeep Nath

And here is my backstory… I have spent over 25 years in corporate corridors running successful marketing and consulting companies. Troubled by the future of development and how that stresses human consciousness, I began my quest for purpose in 2005. I had the good fortune of studying from and meeting various Vedic Spiritual Gurus… and the secrets behind our energy and how to align body, mind, and spirit, came to me from Tibetan Lamas, Daoist, and Zen Masters. Having spent considerable time learning and meditating in the Himalayas, I am an international Reiki Master, Belief Clearing Coach, Qigong Guide, Practitioner of NLP and Mindfulness, and Expert on Holistic Health.

Over the last 7 years I have served more than 2000 people in 46 cities across 4 continents, through workshops, training sessions, and coaching. And I have distilled the most useful pieces of wisdom in the Inner Power Programs, which you will experience here. They are perfect for corporate leaders and managers to conquer stress, improve productivity, and enhance engagement of individuals and teams.

I am passionate about raising human consciousness and have written 5 books. The one titled “RENEWAL: Your Unexpected Role In Saving The Planet” is about simple habits that help raise human consciousness. Start your role by generating Inner Power now!


It’s always a pleasure to spend time with Sandeep. He is very professional, expert and enthusiastic. He enjoys what he does and transmits it to the people around him. I personally felt healed in many ways.
Alinde CG
Even though I am a lifelong yoga student and instructor myself; I highly recommend people consider learning these energy movements from Sandeep to add another dimension to their spiritual journey.
Deepti Shukla
Entrepreneur, San Francisco
My entire team learned something very useful and practical across contexts. For example our customer retention is now 5 times more than last year because we feel powerful from inside.
Amit Mehta
Professional CEO, Hyderabad
Sandeep makes these exercises so much more fun by his clear explanations. Truly feel very relaxed and peaceful after his session. Love his simple yet powerful techniques which have immediate effects.
Ceramic Artist, Madrid
There is no doubt that I am a new person after Sandeep’s program. I feel empowered and self-directed. There is a zest for life. I am able to produce more and do things better!
Bharat Marella
Senior Manager, Hyderabad

Featured In

Sandeep, thank you for breaking down the concepts and explaining them to us! I would like to do the Inner Power Intensive too! All my friends said their recurring issues were relieved after the practice.
Manju Narain
Sandeep makes learning easy and full of joy. He’s an excellent teacher who has so much to impart and share. I am feeling a lot more active and productive and will be going back for the Inner Power Intensive.
Mekhla Sharma
Having gone through cancer, I wanted to begin something which was not very aggressive yet balancing and energising. My fitness routine is set with this program. I feel energetic and active every day.
Monica Gulati
By a stroke of good fortune, I got to know Sandeep and his work. The Inner Power Blueprint was insightful and empowering. I feel de-stressed an well-directed after my practice.
Pree Ta
Sandeep makes these exercises so much more fun by his clear explanations. Truly feel very relaxed and peaceful after his session. Love his simple yet powerful techniques which have immediate effects.
Sushma Bhanot
I had a wonderful workshop with Sandeep. Loved the very simplified way of teaching and the way he explained the techniques. Feeling peaceful and excited and lighter every day. Thank you so much.
Rati Khoree
The truth is that now I feel very well, and it seems much easier to control my anxiety. After your program, I am able to plan my travels and finances effortlessly.
Anna Semitel
Photographer, Munich

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